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Even 30-40 years ago, this disease did not have such a widespread distribution, and if there were clinical cases of neurodermatitis, it was quite a rare occurrence, especially in the adult population.

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Today, general allergization, the presence of an unprecedented chemical attack on a growing organism, lead to the spread of neurodermatitis in children, as well as among adults. Since this is a chronic disease, with periods of Stromectol pills and periods of exacerbations, the treatment of atopic dermatitis has to be dealt with constantly, more intensively during a relapse and more sparingly during the remission period.

However, yesterday's children have already grown up and become adults, so the presence of atopic dermatitis in adults who suffered from this disease in childhood is also not uncommon these days. Atopic dermatitis is considered a non-contagious skin disease. During exacerbation, dermatitis is manifested by intense itching, dryness, skin irritation, causing psychological, cosmetic and physical discomfort, worsens the quality of life of stromectol at work, in the family, and constant itching provokes scratching and increases the risk of secondary infection. Causes of atopic dermatitis.

Inheritance of features of the compliment system. The main role in the occurrence of atopic dermatitis belongs to the genetic disposition, spontaneously manifested excessive sensitivity to various protein and non-protein substances that contribute to a pronounced violation of stromectol function of the skin. When even the first contact with the allergen causes a reaction. Irrational feeding of infants with formulas based on cow's milk protein.

Such a wide distribution around the world of this skin disease lies in the causes of a global nature that concern each of us: Adverse environmental factors - air and water pollution Irrational and unhealthy diet - fast food, the use of a large amount of preservatives, artificial, chemicalized food, pesticides and nitrates, hormones and antibiotics in meat products. Growth in the number of drug-resistant infectious diseases Daily psychological stress, frequent nervous overload Lack of rational physical activity in the fresh air.